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Canoe (Canoonoo) Camp

Posted by Ria Warrah RC on November 20, 2012 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (0)

After Friday night's Branch ARAP (MC'd by our very own Tagle) him, Rach and I went to K-Mart for some 24 hour shopping and food collecting. They sell televisions at Coles now! My how times have changed!
The next day the crew met up on the 17th of November weekend at Anderson scout park in Officer, for the first camp run by Tagle. Ready for some canoeing, kayaking, rafting, and capsizing. The loch was great fun, and the facilities were fantastic! Canoes and kayaks, toilets and hot water!
Through the weekend we all learnt the value of 'buy-backs,' correct axe use, and ginger beer.

We're all really eager to return for more water fun and maybe next time we'll attempt the bike track that snakes around the property.

"The Kayak in its natural habitat. Here is one now. (Kayakus Riverboundus)"

KurthKiln Park

Posted by Ria Warrah RC on June 30, 2012 at 8:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Tagle, Michael, Rachael, Zabet & I. Just and overnight camp. It's freezing!
People are also extremely busy for some reason. I'm not :S

It's nice here. Fresh and green, and free too! Pity we didn't do much this trip. We made a successful fire from scratch.
Sunday we walked along the creek. It tumbles downhill through the forrest, over rocks and making pretty pools.

Highlight of the trip was Lucky the spinning dog. Belonging to the campers next to us. He bounded over to us and chased his tail constantly! For seven minutes he just would not stop!

Looking forward to more camping trips there in the future!

 - Matt

Out of the Toy Box. MARB 2010

Posted by Ria Warrah RC on July 24, 2010 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (0)

At 5pm we met up with Surrey Thomas (Brighton) at their Hall, to wait for the Sir Dallas Brookes Party Bus. There was a general exitement in the air as we compared costumes, took photos and constantly checked the time in anticipation. It was going to be a good night!


Once we were all crammed in to the Bus we set off for a night of Joy, Laughter, Merryment and Good Food... The bus trip was an exciting one, being excessively long as we circled the Westgate Bridge 3 times. On the bus we met up with a few more crews, all sporting clever costumes. There were Cowgirls, School Girls, Mr. Potato Heads, the entire cast from Mario Brothers, Barbie and Ken with their dream cars and, of course, the Sailor Scouts.




Once we arrived at the Melrose Reception Centre everyone climbed out of the bus and egarly waited to be let in to the venue. The wait was not a long one, as we caught up with more Rover Friends, laughed at the Toy Soldiers and Crazy Trolls.


The evening sarted with Pacman seranading Mrs. Pacman on the dancefloor as Storm Troopers mingled with Disney Princesses and the band set up. We began our dinner with a choice of Chicken Parma or teak Tenderloins getting to know Hellsgate Rover Crew, who we were seated with.


Once the band begun it was difficult to pry people off the dancefloor, even for dessert!


All in all, it was a great evening with the Crazy Trolls winning best dressed crew. Everyone came away from the Ball smiling, looking forward to next year

Mudbash 2010

Posted by Ria Warrah RC on June 11, 2010 at 8:50 AM Comments comments (0)

This year the theme for Mudbash was Slip N' Slide.




The weekend ran from the 11th 'til the 14th June at Mafeking Rover Park. The crew camped closely with fellow crews Kurll's Own (Narre Warren) and Surrey Thomas (Brighton). Many of the crew had an early night the first night in preparation for an action packed weekend!!


Saturday was an early morning as the crew was woken up by Mud Fm, the PA system for the weekend. It was wet and a little bit cold and the crew huddled around the campfire. Later in the day the crew wondered up to the pits to watch the Rookie Race and the Fillies (2 of the many buggie racing events).


The day turned into night and there was a DJ and dancing and switching between different fires around Mafeking Park catching up with different crews and meeting new people. For some it was a late night, full of excitement.




Sunday morning saw headaches and laughter at the previous nights' mahem! However, sunday involved the crew heading up to watch one of the more popular events.... the obstacle course! The crew watched from the hole at cheered on friends as they plowed into the cold muddy water!!!


Sunday night involved watching the Tug O' War (between cars), dancing to the band, warming up by the fire and celebrating another night out in the bush!




Monday morning was a sad farewell... the packing up and the return to Melbourne.


One thing is sure though..... many memories and good times were bought back with us!

Hoadley Hide

Posted by Ria Warrah RC on April 3, 2010 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Hoadley Hide is a popular activity giving all Venturer Scouts a chance to practice their hiking skills, opportunities to test their abilities in bush craft and scouting skills and to meet other young people in a challenging and fun Easter activity. Each year the Ria Warrah Rover Crew runs one of the stunts at the Event. This year we will be Stunt 32!!!


And the winner is.....


South Metro Region Best Stunt Award- Stunt 32- Hogwarts


Ralph Simms Overall Best Stunt Award- Draw- Stunt 32- Ria Warrah & Stunt 19 Bundaleer


Congratulations to everyone from the crew and Ettamoggah who assisted with the stunt both at the Hide and with all the preperations in the lead up.





For the first time in the crew's history we took home the top award for Stunts! Hopefully we can do it again next year!



Overall the weekend was a blast, the venturers had fun as well as the rovers and it showed in the votes!



Next years theme: Off the Rails. Heres hoping for a back-to-back!



Thanks to: Stasia, Sanjay, Ben, Rachael, Tegan, Evan, Elizabeth, Biggles, Toad, Claire and Jon for their efforts on the stunt over the duration of the hide.



Most of all, thanks to the Venturers for voting for us!!!!!